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Hi, I'm Peace Onuiri

> Brand AmbassadorAfrican Tourism Board NPC.

>Chairlady OSHA UK, Ogun state chapter.

>A behavioral change expert, life coach.

>HEALTHIWEALTHI coaching Africa director.

>An Ambassador.


In a world where we are often overwhelmed with exciting claims of becoming fit overnight and an elixir for health by just popping pills, these deceptive marketing messages have confused our senses on what it really takes to be healthy and who to trust. Your Africa lifestyle Coach is here to declutter and bring your focus to God’s operating health manual, through the principles of NEWSTART. We are here to walk you through the journey in this amazing discovery and recovery process and help you create new behaviours and habits for vibrant health and longevity.


Reverse diabetes and heart disease, relieve arthritis, hormonal imbalance, bipolar and autoimmune disorders, candida and fungus, renew immune system, obesity and weight loss, overcome depression, increase energy and vitality, improve neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, manage drug abuse and addictions, encourage adherence to doctor’s prescription, and decrease work related disorders and accidents.

About Me in the Media

Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation Appoints Ambassador Peace Onuiri as African Director For Healthi-Wealthi Initiative

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Ambassador Peace

Behavioral change expert


  1. Health lectures are designed to guide you through the 8 laws of health for holistic health and vibrant life.
  2. Scientifically researched and proven lifestyle changes based on 8 fundamental principles: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust (NEWSTART), which is designed to prevent and reverse diseases through natural methods.

What exactly does your business do? Health coaching, enrolment, lifestyle management and empowerment, safety training.



Health coaching and mentorship, health coaching enrolment, safety training, lifestyle education & empowerment geared towards:

The burden of chronic non communicable diseases calls for individuals and communities to adopt healthier lifestyles of adequate diet, more exercise, improved sleep, managed stress and supportive relationships but the challenge lies in making lifestyle changes, which is hard for most people due to the cyclic nature of the behaviour change process that requires specific interventional strategies.

1. Become a lifestyle health coach by enrolling in our 12week intensive online training program by Lifestyle Prescription University, USA, which includes Root Cause Analysis and practicum with clients.

3. Get preparation for National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) International exam.

2. Gain the skills to provide professional health coaching services to individuals and communities.

4. Proceed with your Masters and PhD degree from lifestyle Prescription University, USA.

5. No age barriers.

. 6. Work from the comfort of your home either full time or part-time and make extra income.

7. Good for both career starters and retirees.

8. Improve the health outcomes of your communities. We help you apply the change and strength within you in making the little little lest everyday choices that eventually shape your life and health.

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    Transforming lives, one micro habit at a time through health coaching and the use of evidence based education, safety standard and natural remedies.


    Assist people and communities find the optimum life, free from illness, disabilities and hazards.


    Your body is designed to heal itself and will do so given the right conditions.


    Educate and empower individuals to live lifestyles for optimal physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social and spiritual health, equipping them with all the tools they need to live safe and healthy lives amidst diverse pestilences.

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